Zagreb in my heart!

I leave Zagreb with happiness in my heart. I met many people, as usual. I spoke, ate, walked, drank, listened to music … People are the soul of the city. Walking in downtown and see the sights is interesting, but I prefer to sit in a bar and have a beer with someone.

In Zagreb I discovered a fabulous coffee! I never drank coffee so good. Small bars and they toasting coffee by themselves.

Thanks to Tea, Andrea, Mirna, Damir, Marija … and others, you know my memory is terrible for names!

Zagreb is also a city of parks. In town on out in suburbs you can find great parks, very clean. I explored the city on foot and in half an hour you can walk from the crowded square Jelačića, the center of the old town, the the park Bundek. Large green area with an artificial lake.

The first week has passed, now I’m ready to meet new people. Next week it will be the turn of Belgrade and at the end of the trip I will have an overall picture of the entire Balkan peninsula.

Of course I did not miss the food, from lasgnette with pumpkin and pesto to noodles with octopus Emoticon smile
La Štruk, Wok by Matija, Eliscaffe, Velvet Café, Cafe U Dvoristu, Pivnica Mali Medo, njummy restaurant

See you all the next time!

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