New window in a new city – another change in Zagreb

Another moving, another change in Zagreb. It will be my city for a while. Another start, another new adventure. What it will bring to me. I will see. The last three years were a constantly moving from experience to experience. 
I don’t really know what to write in this article, but I need to write something. After my experience in Istra I choose to move to Zagreb. I need a bit of social life and Pula wasn’t a city for me. Everything is experience and I will keep that in my life.

A window on ZagrebNow I’m here in my room, in Zagreb. Watching outside the window and trying to plan something. I don’t really know in which direction. I will plan. I need to make a plan.
The last three years of my life were just a constantly changing. I met many people. Many new friends came into my life, some of them went out. I’m trying to looking for my place to live. As I wrote in the article about Sarajevo, that is the city where I will feel home. But in the same way I don’t feel good physically. In Pula I didn’t feel good emotionally. I hope to find a middle way here in Zagreb. The start is good, but I’m more skeptical about everything. I will see.

I don’t really have emotions now. Not good and not bed, just nothing. I’m open to everything and I will start to create conditions in a way that things happen. What I will do?

How to create conditions

Important for me is not to stay alone. Go out, meet people, speak about my ideas. In a capital there are a lot of events, possibilities. Always occasions happen in front of a beer or a coffee. Sit down, speak with people, create your network. More I’m down, more is hard to go out, more I need to go out. So I force myself and everything it will be good.

To create conditions is not enough of course, I need to work on and follow my plans. Networking is a basic work to do, without that nothing is possible for me.

How to find things in a new city

Nowadays is not so hard, technology help us a lot. Many websites help us to meet new friends. You can check local events in Facebook or local websites. Check some meeting and go out and meet people. Different dating applications can help to have the first meeting: tinder, badoo, bumble, Okcupid. They work in a different way in different cities, popularity change. Go for a coffee or a drink or simply a walk in the city. Speak with people and share your thoughts. Dating application help us just to meet people, after everything is based on how we are.

You can also choose specific websites that help you to meet people with your same interests. For example photography, food or traveling: Couchsurfing, Internations, Eataway, vizEat
There are many platforms, local or international can help you to meet locals, meet people with same interests.

Go out and start new friendships!

Other way is to go in a cafe, in a square, drink something and start to speak with people. This is traditional way, slow but usually you create stronger connections. Is slower but in the end with more satisfaction!

Be yourself

If you know who is yourself! Just be quiet and try to meet the other person, speak, listen and share. My problem is that I speak too much and often I don’t give enough space to the other person. Is not pathologic, I’m aware of that and I’m working on myself. I will never stop to work on me 🙂 Any kind of expectation is usually the reason to fail. I’m trying to slow down myself, I recognize that I’m too fast and usually I try to show and speak a lot about myself. Hey, I’m not perfect and I know that… I will improve every day, I hope, I’m sure of it.

So I’m ready to anoher change in Zagreb, it wasn’t really my choice but I can only change in life!

Speak to you soon

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