When the sweet meets salty

They are two completely different tastes, different from each other that gives us opposite sensations. They complement each other.

To ramble is very easy after this preamble, but when I saw this little river goes in the Black Sea I could only to think of the encounter between two people, completely different. Before the water is calm, sweet, no torments. A quiet and pleasant life. But after there is the sea, maybe the ocean. Turbulent, stormy, salty, sometimes too salty.

This is passion, so strong.

The beauty that I see in the unknown and the new is uncomparable. People often see me as that river, calm and peaceful. It is probably true. Surely it is so. I’m looking for my ocean, where getting lost and mingle with other life, other emotions.

Like a river I can not stop but proceed, along my shores I left so many things, so many meetings, so many experiences. After a bight there is another bight, until arriving at the outfall. Unless I am born as those rivers in the desert that end up in the sand. I can not help it though, I can only follow my way and if I finish in the desert at least find the sun 🙂

What if I am the sea instead of the river? What if I am a river meets another similar to walk together? I do not know yet.
Today goes like that, confident and on the road.

See you soon!

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