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Vrelo Bosna: is it just the source of the river?

I think is very clear now what I like when I travel: people and environment. You can maybe ask me: there is something more? Yes sure there is a lot more. Some people like to go on the beach and lay down on the sand. Someone else like museums, some people like to play sports… I really like just to walk in some place, meet people and speak. This place is Vrelo Bosna it is just the perfect combination!
Vrelo Bosna is a park outside Sarajevo, after neighborhood of Ilidza. You can walk all Velika Aleja and in 4-5 km you can reach the entrance of the park. You have also possibility to go by horse carriage or by car till the parking on the other side of the natural park. Water come out directly from mountain in a very strong way. There is no little river, from an hole inside the rock start directly the Bosna, The river who give the name to the region of Bosnia.

Ticket for the park is 2 BAM and you can walk inside through rivers and ponds. You can stop to drink or eat something at the restaurant. Personally I prefer to bring a blanket with me, lay down on the grass and just do nothing, read a book, feel the wind and spend few hours in the nature.

This park is really close to the city, if you are not afraid to walk for one hour along one of the best road in the city. Take a tram, go till the last stop and walk. Cross the river, walk in front of Hotel Herzegovina and just go straight,  you cannot miss it.

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