Veliko Tărnovo ancient capital of Bulgaria

Veliko Tărnovo (Велико Търново). Another city, more friends, more emotions. When I travel all the world looks the same. I mean, people have the same desires and the same preferences: to live.

When I travel I have proof that the public is absolutely manipulated, I know, I’m saying something easy, but it would be important that all could go out of the house for a while and see the world outside their comfort area. I do not know how, but it would be nice to teach closer to a reality with the aim to meet and share experiences. Sharing does not mean to lose own identity, but rather the addition of other elements that can only enrich us.

Veliko Tărnovo is a town situated on the Jantra River. A canyon that enables protection and security to the fortress and control of access roads. In history it was twice the capital of Bulgaria, during the second Bulgarian Empire in the Middle Ages and, in recent times, was the first capital after unification before the scepter passed in Sofia.

Walking through the streets you understand perfectly the meaning of the word “ilak”. Take life slowly, enjoy the moment, not to miss the time in your hands.

The surroundings are characterized by gentle hills cultivated mainly wheat. May is now advanced, despite this wet spring as soon as the clouds give way to sunshine the temperature rises quickly. The wind that always blows tense is pleasant and allows you to fully enjoy the scenery.

Yesterday day spent walking on the banks of the Danube on the border with Romania. The natural park of Persina is 2 hours from Veliko Tarnovo with headquarters in the town of Belene. An abandoned town to himself after the closure of the nuclear power plant that gave a living for the entire population.

see you to the next stop!

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