Thoughts and songs of Soltanto

Hello Soltanto I write to you publicly, I will share with you what you did to me and I would like to present you to my follower.

It been a long time since the first time I have supported a corwdfunding project and the making of your album was a success for you and for all the people who hear to you.

I see that you are also on the road, I know that you are also my traveling companion. Your songs today have made me come the goosebumps more than once, a long time that I’m listening. We never met, it should happen if our paths will cross.

On the border between Greece and Bulgaria, driving between forgotten roads, today you have been my soundtrack. Three times in a row I have heard your album. Every sentence, every memory, every description and finally the “Letter to Rose.”

“Each story consists of many beginnings, and sometimes the decisive happen along the way …” We are traveling differently for different objectives, but we are traveling both. Today I wandered almost aimlessly in the mountains. Today was a start, I do not have my little Rose. My trip is at turning point, the beginning of the return and it was an opportunity to do some thoughts, emotions are then erupted all together and it was the turning point.

When I arrived in Tesalonikki I did not stop, I drove straight to Macedonia (FYROM). I do not know if it was the way, the rain, your notes or the mix of all that I have done until now, but I have a new strenght. I have the strength to continue the journey. Important is to walk, again without stopping. Look for new beginnings.

As in “Montpellier” on this trip I met many people and all have taught me something. In every town, every night a new experience. Now it’s time to tidy up everything I put in my bag to empty it and have more space.

Thanks to travel with me

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