The crossroads of the world

When I saw this road sign I was coming to Niš. The town in located southern Serbia. Niš has always been a crossroads: east-west, north-south. Always disputed by everybody. The city was the birthplace of Constantine, the emperor who in 313 d.c. with the Edict of Milan legalized the Catholic religion in all the Empire. Niš is not the center of the world, but certainly it is a very busy intersection.

I took this photo in a hurry, I was in the car and I was driving. Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia. This is the symbol of the region. Always disputed between Turks, Serbs, Greeks, Celts, Romans, Germans, Austrians. Everyone tried to maintain the control for a longer or shorter time, destroying everything and then build again in the same place.

I’m traveling and I’m in the middle of an intersection, which way to go? In which direction? I can change? Everything is exciting!

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