Suka means love?

It seems yes, in Indonesian language suka means love, but I’m Italian.
I’m sorry for not Italians, I will try to translate you. It is a dialectal expression used in all the country but coming from the south and it means: to suck!
It is funny, in one country means love in another to suck, but is more funny that it was the last text of closing ceremony in Brazil and the chief is Italian. I think that nothing happen by accident. Maybe someone would like to put inside the closing ceremony some “Easter egg”. The Paralympic Games in Brazil, in my opinion, was the better organized event, but it was almost empty. Population didn’t participate and I’m sure they got nothing. Do you know what does it mean “Easter egg”? Read here the article

0f7a0758I was able to see Rio De Janeiro only few days before and after the games. I saw a not human city. I’m sorry friends, but I don’t like a society organized in this way. I met great people, I spent great evenings and share a lot of thoughts. Like usual in my experiences I really love people I met. But it is rare that I love in the same way the public life. Maybe I’m very difficult person. All over the world most of the people who have the power is becoming rich and more rich. Differences between people are increasing. In Rio (maybe in all south America) you can really touch that. In Europe is less visible. City is made for cars, it’s hard to walk and cross the streets. There are only 3 lines of metro in a city of more than 10 millions of inhabitants. I don’t want to spend more time to describe what is not good in Rio, I wanna come back to SUKA.

As I told you before in italian we can translate SUKA as “to suck”. So what does it means this at the end of Olympics and Paralympics? Now I can fly with my phantasy.
Message is clear any doubt? World cannot go in this direction anymore. Too many people doesn’t live in a good way. They are slaves. Suka is a scream directed to everybody, me also. We are having a party, we are enjoying. Doesn’t matter if we have a big sign of things going worse, doesn’t matter if we have a enormous  screen that is telling us SUKA.

We are enjoying.

This pictures I think is the perfect metaphor of our world, we made our world and we can change.

I’m not used to be negative, to cry and to think: all will be worse and we will die. Ok, we are not living a good time. But everything will finish.

We have to educate ourself day by day and only with a personal daily job. We need to stay humans, we are humans! New technologies can help us a lot. This is a revolution and like always the change is hard. But we will find a way to go out. In my little and personal opinion I will try to walk, to meet people and leave the computer. To use technology for what I need and for my needs. I cannot destroy myself for “digital social life”. Information is a drug with a very fast and so short effect. We need more more and more. I wanna live and share my experience and share my life through every media I can use nowadays. My aim is to meet more people and share more and learn more. I’m a pathological curious. But if I don’t have my life, real life. What I can share? So SUKA!

I need to learn how to write, by hand.
I need to learn how to take care of plants.
I need to learn how to take care of animals.
I need to learn how to be human.

I have a lot of stuff to study, I cannot be bored. And I need to work of course. I need money to eat to live and to enjoy my life.

So, be alive!

See you soon


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