Split in a day – Walk around the city.

Places to see in one day in Split, where to walk and where to have a rest from the strong summer sun. Walk around the old town inside the medieval and roman area.

Old town of Split with hundreds of cafes

I was in Split just one day, I took the bus from Trogir where I was sleeping in the hostel, you can read my other article here. Split is the second largest city in Croatia after Zagreb. The name in Italian is Spalato, home to Diocletian’s Palace, built for the Roman emperor in 305 CE, the city was founded as the Greek colony of Aspálathos (Aσπάλαθος) in the 3rd or 2nd century BC.  With Roman emperor the city start to become the most important center of Dalmatian coast.

I was there to walk and to see the old town just one day, I suggest you to stay more and to be able to see places around city center, have time for a walk and relax in one of the parks outside the old town: Park Šuma Marjan

Diocletian’s Palace

Inside the Diocletian’s Palace

In November 1979 UNESCO, in line with the international convention on cultural and natural heritage, adopted a proposal that the historic city of Split built around the Palace should be included in the register of World Cultural Heritage. The palace occupies most of the old town. I liked to walk between the narrow streets and to be inside the old rooms of the palace. Medieval buildings, Cathedral, roads, shops, everything during the years was built on the ruins of the Palace. If you want to see for real what remains you can walk around, you will see mosaics and old pieces of the Roman era. Ticket to visit the Palace is 45Kn (in August 2017) and you can see the underground parts. Most of the rooms are empty, but it’s fresh and good to see during the hottest part of the day, it takes around 30 minutes. I went there at noon, when to be outside is really too hot. It’s really wet and humid inside, but at least you can escape from the summer for a while.

Medieval town

The city center of Split is mostly inside the walls, they were built over the centuries by different kingdoms to fortify the city. If you want to read a general history of the city you can read here. As usual I love to loose myself inside narrow streets and stop to have ice cream (nothing special to mention), and drink a coffee or fresh lemonade in one of the places in the shadow of the alleys. I went there during the last week of August. It was really hot around 40°C. I walked around, visited the fresh fruit and vegetable market, it is always one of my favorite place in the city. It’s open only in the morning even if you can find something in the afternoon especially during hight season. Market is located on the right of Diocletian’s Palace: Gradska tržnica Stari pazar. Click here to open the map.

I spent my day walking around, I stopped in a couple of cafes to drink something fresh and I bought a burek from a bakery. I discovered here for my first time burek with chards (burek s blitvom), I never saw before and I liked.

How to arrive

As a second big city of Croatia is not so hard to reach. You have every kind of choice that you want. of course you can go by your vehicle. If you want to arrive in the city in some other ways here is a little list:

Airport of Split close to
Local buses
– Location of local bus station: click here
National and international buses: Search engine GetByBus
– Location of national and international bus station:
click here

Have a nice trip

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