Skopje and I’m totally confused

Welcome to Skopje. I’m here from two days and I would like to write something about the city, but it’s really hard. I cannot understand.

Skopje is the capital of the Republic of Makedonia FYROM (Formal Yugoslavia Republic of Makedonia). From the name you know it’s a complicated country to understand. Greece deny the use of the name Macedonia and the flag. The population is composed of Macedonians, Albanians, Bulgarians, Turks, Serbs, aromanians (or macedo-Rumanian), Roma.

The capital Skopje is in the middle of a revolution: real estate and politics.
The whole central part of the city is affected by the construction of new majestic buildings, new statues are located at each corner almost every month.

At the same time there is the Colour Revolution. Every evening after 7 held peaceful demonstrations in the city center to protest the local politics. The parade procession along the wide avenues and stops at one of the new public buildings by throwing balloons filled with colored paint.

In this whole situation it is very hard for me to get an idea of the city. The old Ottoman neighborhood, consists of small shops and a turkish style market, is flooded with new gleaming buildings that after a few years are beginning to have the first signs of wear out.

I hope in the next few days to have the ideas less confused.

See you soon

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