Skopje, 5 pictures, 5 cities


It’s been four days since I arrived in Skopje and I still find it hard to get an idea of the city. I then chose five pictures that represent for me the mix that is in the Makedonian capital.

The Canjon Matka. Artificial lake just few minutes from the city. A green lung where Sunday is impossible to find a parking, but just after 20 minutes of walking and you find yourself surrounded by nature in complete silence, except the boats carrying tourists up and down along the river.

Carsija, the neighborhood of the old Ottoman bazaars. Located between the Kale Fortress and the banks of the Vardar river. Characterized by a lot of little activities, it crowded with tourists. It maintains its commercial spirit with artisan shops and the place where are located most of jewelers in the city.

The Bit Bazaar, the new market. It’s a classic suk. Small shops, small stalls, covered with plastic sheets that deny the passage of sunlight. There you can find everything from oranges to wedding dresses.

The new political district. New buildings and new statues are rising rapidly. I do not know much about architecture, but the finishes seem made in a very low quality and the “stuccos” are actually polystyrene. Palaces from few years are already starting to lose the pieces. The Soviet-style houses are simply covered to give you an idea of neoclassical or nineteenth-century style. I feel it is a great trick. The people I met they confirm that citizens are not very happy with this speculation of low quality construction, just high visual impact.

Finally people. In particular, the event that takes place every evening at about 7pm by 12nd April. Organized by the opposition party to protest for the stop of the investigation against the prime minister and a dozen other politicians. They are organized marches and they throw balloons filled with colored paint against the new symbols of political power (palaces and statues). The demonstrations are peaceful and with many people. Do not seem they will stop soon.

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