Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sarajevo: such a big love! Can really leave me breathless.

Sarajevo is for me like a strong love of my life. Beautiful, amazing, fascinating, actractive and can leave me breathless. What prevents me to breathe in Sarajevo? I’m almost sure, is pollution. I need to leave my big love to survive, this is one of the strong step in life that I have to do.

Is always hard when you have to separate myself from something you really like. Sarajevo is this for me. I stop here because I love the city, I love to hang out with people here, I love to speak with them and to spend time outside.


When you arrive in Bosnia and Herzegovina people accept you as one of their sons. No matter who you are. You are welcome here. Don’t think this is paradise. The country is dying in the corruption and lack of culture as anywhere in Europe. Nationalism is raising up all over the cities. I still believe here there is something is almost lost in western Europe, better to say in western world. In Sarajevo I met a lot of people, I have a lot of friends and this is real sad time for me to leave from this place.

I remember my first week here. I went out in a bar to listen people speaking about “green life” and how to improve the life here. There is a lot to do, sometimes too much for this little group of people. From that first evening it was only more more and more people. Any kind of nationality, Sarajevo is a little city with a lot of embassies and many people all over the world meet here, drink a beer and simply chat all together. This is great to learn how to respect different cultures.

Turbo folk

This word is related to a kind of music. Traditional  “folk” music with modern melodies and modern topics. You can learn more in this page. This culture is spreading so fast and I can see this as a “new” culture of life. Who cares, just let me have fun. People start to don’t care about their rights. They don’t fight for what is correct to do, for welfare, for instruction, for healthy life. Just give me a big car, a lot of money and big boobs. This is happening everywhere now, is not a peculiarity of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


This is the main reason why I’m leaving. During the winter the air in all the country in almost unbreathable. Level of pollution is one of the highest in the world. In a lot of places coal is very common and there are a lot of old cars, trucks and busses all around the country. After two years I’m starting to feel bad physically. I’m really sad to leave all the amazing people That I met here. I hope they will find a way and they will have a lot of strength to save all the area. Extreme capitalism can destroy everything and when it is going with to a lack of rights and lack of culture very few people survive and get rich. All the others simply die.

Thanks to everybody

I want to thanks all the people I met here. Somebody just for a coffee, somebody from the first to the last day here. Everybody taught me something. I’m used to speak a lot and to share my thoughts with friends. I learned a lot, how to see the world from another point of view. How to watch people simply as people, not based on their beliefs or traditions. This does not mean that I have to delete mines. I know something more about differences and about myself.

This is the last week. Packing, many goodbyes, some tears. I’m not going too far, but one chapter of my life is over. I need to turn the page and watch another white piece of my life. I’m sure I will do something else. I always did. It is not easy but I will do.

See you soon

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