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Sarajevo: music, rakija and good vibe

What does it means to be happy? What does it means life? What does it means to feel peace? Those three are fundamental questions for a good life. Sometime in life I have the perception that I’m living a perfect moment, a perfect situation. To live that and to recognize that while I’m inside is something can generate in me such a great full happiness.

001_p1050608What happened few days ago? I lived one o perfect moment I will always remember.
The ingredients to make my perfect moment are simple but not easy to find all together: simple people, good food, good drinks, music and lightheartedness. Usually they come alone, but slowly one can bring another one and in the end you find everything.

Things happen when it meant to be. This sentence is one of my favorite in this part of my life. I cannot be strict in something. Nowadays I must be flexible. I cannot choose something and don’t see what there is around me. Of course I have to choose my way, of course I cannot sail and don’t know my route. I have to study my maps and choose which way is the best for me, but be aware, open my eyes. I can make mistakes, I’m human. I can make wrong decision, but I’m human, I can change my mind and find another better way.

Just another confusing post speaking about nothing. Sorry, this is me now. I’m choosing my route. I have a need to share my thoughts with someone and this is the why of this blog. I’m learning how to write, I’m learning how to walk, I would like to learn how to sail in the ocean in front of me. Usually I focus my mind and my strength to find a solution, to find a way. My path is always changing under my feet, it is so amazing, right? This is what I mean to choose my goals and to discover my route on the path. All I had in my life teach me something. I don’t think it was meaningless to learn how to walk in the mountain, to see rocks in front of me and to recognize path also when it is really light on the grass. I just need to apply something I know but in another field.

Let me come back to Bosnia now, to mountains around Sarajevo. To the cheese eaten under the trees to rakija drunk singing and laughing. There was a moment in that place where I saw what I like. I saw my perfect life, I need to find a way to build something closest as possible to that feeling.  So I understood the ingredients, how can I control them? How can I create that feeling? There is another thing I’m 100% sure about: you cannot have that feeling alone. There is no way, humans are social animals. We are not made to be alone, we are not made to keep all inside and not to share. I’m very close to another big change in my life. Everything I learned from Sarajevo will remain with me forever. I’m so glad that I lived the mountain experience during my last period here. I will have the strongest remember.

I need to conclude this post, but I never see the conclusion, is always the new starting. More I write more I’m realizing that I really like the name: when do you come back? I strong believe that there is no way back. We will never do the same, maybe similar, but different. So today is a new day and I can do something new. Can I do this every day, can I do this every week. For me life means to have a lot of great moments like all the different cells of a body. Of course there could be some bad cells, but don’t let them to conquer all the body, the majority of our mind is positive and great, it depend where we will put our focus. We can always change our mind!

Talk to you soon

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