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Sarajevo and autumn: another end or a new beginning?

So it’s autumn in Sarajevo, almost one month ago started the month where everything die. Everything is going to sleep. Leaves are falling down, colours are amazing but is just before the death. Is this a depressive post? I don’t think, I cannot really write something depressive and sad. I would like to speak about the end only to create a new Beginning. Is not a mistake to write beginning with B.

Vilsonovo šetalište in Sarajevo
Vilsonovo šetalište in Sarajevo

Yes, like every year from the beginning of creation there is autumn.  Colors are amazing, we all would like to walk with our nose pointed to sky. Leaves are creating a soft carpet and they fall down around us. What a great environment. But all this mean that everything is dying. After every autumn there is always winter and then spring. This means the nothing die, only change. The life is only a big circle or better, it is a sequence of circles: starts and ends.

Never forever and never

In life nothing is forever, nothing is never. Those two words are really hard to explain, but I don’t believe in that. I’m watching the colors now, I’m watching my life and I think about me. As usual. I’m in the middle of another big change in life. I really don’t know where I will be or what I will do. I’m changing. I have few ideas in mind and I will try to do things in a different way.
Nothing change if I don’t change. I can go everywhere in this world, I can walk for months, I can fly on the other side of the earth. If I will do the same thing as I always did, nothing will change. The only question I have to ask me is: do I want to change? If the answer is yes I can only think about how to do.

It’s easy to think and to plan. Sit down, put a nice music, some good incense, open a good wine and start the mind trip. After that it should come the action. How I can change just to think about? So I have to ask to myself something, to answer and to act. Three steps to change my lifestyle.

I started from few really basic questions:

  • What I like?
  • What I want to do?
  • What is important for me in life?

How do to?

Easy right! So, every change made from a long sequence of steps and I’m not doing the first, but I have a long path in front of me. I’m choosing where to go. I have a map but I don’t know how to read it. I’m walking by instinct. Something new I have to add in my life. I started to write. On this blog and by hand. Maybe nobody will read what I’m writing but is not my aim. I’m doing for myself. If someone like I’m happy, but I need this. I need to write to understand and I will do like an exercise. For what? I don’t know, but at least I will learn something new. Life is not something you change overnight. I must do something to change, sometimes doesn’t matter what, is important to do something. Is important to do! Folks, things don’t happen by a chance. Nothing will change if we don’t move our ass from the couch.
Every little change in the life is great, step by step I will see myself in another position compared now. It will be slow but it will be real.

See you next time

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