Roots and clouds

I’m always thinking about something. Many people say that I only think, but I’m sure things need time to develop. I need time. I’m constantly walking in some direction, I’m not so sure about which one, but I’m walking. Sometime is enough just to go and not to be stuck in one place, in one thought. It is long time that I’m not writing, nothing bad. I don’t think there is someone is waiting for me. This could be also very sad, but is like that. As you know I live in Pula now, a city at the south point of Istria. is a great place and now is a perfect time of the year to be quiet. As I wrote you in my previous post March is closer and things are happening. I need only to wait and build day by day.

The picture that I choose for this post is really describing my state of mind. Those are roots, going down in the ground, looking for food. The food they need to give to branches and leaves, to be able to take the energy from the sun. Now is winter, not so much sun, but roots are still working looking for a new way for water and to keep the plants strongly anchored to the ground.

Walking in the woods

This is a great activity to do for me. Is a main reason why I choose to be in this place. Ten minutes walking from home and I can be in the woods, in the silence and just walking and watching everything there is around me. During one of my walkings I saw those toots. Completely twisted on themselves. Looking for one direction and than change it. Coming back on the same way to continue something started before, to meet other roots for a while, than change it. This is life right?

How a person can be linear, without changes. Our mind is not linear, our body is not linear. We need to think based on which situation we are and than choose. Every situation is different, every choice is unique. I’m in that situation, from a long time. I have to choose. Maybe I didn’t made the best choice in my past and I’m still twisting on myself trying to looking for water. I would like to find a wine as well!


Yes, this is still my passion and as everything is constantly changing. Based on my feeling, based on business market, based on my situation in life. Things are back, one more time. I enjoy more than one year ago to take picture of the nature, to be alone with my tripod and find hidden corners in a flower. Do flowers have corners

The woods could be the central of my life now. I started when I was teenager studying agriculture and I’m still here in nature. My life is coming back to beginning, maybe it was the correct choice. When I started school it was about nature. When I started photography it was about nature. When I changed and went far away something push me strongly back to the woods and plants. This mean something? There is also a possibility that I’m reading all those signs in a wrong way, but how can I know without to try?

Let me do it and let me see what it will happen.


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