Rio De Janeiro, paralympic games and another change in life

Paralympic games are over. These are my third paralympics. After London 2012 and Sochi 2014 I lived also Rio 2016.

I don’t want to speak about how much is terrible for locals to have olympics and paralympics, especially poor part of population. I don’t want to speak about athletes, amazing people who believe in their dreams work for that and live for that. I wanna speak about myself, this is my part of the world and there are my emotions, my thoughts.

London 2012 was a big change in my life, I quit my job. I quit my city, I quit my life and after one year went to live abroad. Actually I’m in Sarajevo but I’m planning my next step. Every time I live the paralympic atmosphere I think about myself, my life and I found strength to do next step. In a correct direction? How can I know before to do it.

What’s my next step?
Good question. It is obvious I don’t have any answer, but I want to move. I cannot be stuck in one place, cannot be stuck in one idea, cannot be stuck in one life that is not good for me. I will move. I always had one way to live: you don’t like what you have? You don’t like your life? Try to change. If you bother yourself every day and you wake up every day with the same foot nothing will change. So change the foot in the morning. It’s just the first step, a really little thing, but if I’m not able to change my first step how can I change my life?

I’m planning! This is the most important thing. It’s easy to quit and go, it’s easy to just run away. To do what? Life is a long series of steps, I don’t believe in long jumps, but only little steps. So if I would like to achieve a goal I cannot just jump till the end. I need to walk, I need to climb, I need to study my path and choose the direction every day. There is a good news: you can change your mind!

During path of life I met a lot of people. Every person gave me something. Big or little, important or not. Everybody teach me where to go. Someone showed me where to don’t go. Nothing is negative. I need to follow what I saw, what I learned. The hardest thing to do is to recognize when. Paralympics usually give me the view. When I feel all those strong emotions I can think about my path and I can choose. So let me plan. This is what I’m learning, this is my last lesson. I always jumped, I followed my passions and my emotions. It is good, but is great also to plan.

Always follow your emotions. I cannot be different, but when you have in mind your emotions and your passions make a plan how to reach them. Now it’s time to plan for me, to delete from my life what makes me feeling bad. Keep the good and plan how to improve. I wrote to many time “to plan” in this article… this is the key.

See you soon

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