Pula, what does it mean to deal and accept differences?

I often have a conversations with my friends. I like to speak, sometime I speak a lot. Yes is one of my problems. For someone is great, for someone is horrible. This happen every day for everything with everybody. So, what does it mean it’s great, it’s awesome? How can I manage differences?

001_p1050752How I can manage that nobody think like me?
Every time I speak whit somebody I can find differences in tastes, preferences, what they like or not. When I see media or any other newspapers it seems that everybody have to like the same. I’m a bit confused about that. Somebody like skinny girls, somebody big. Somebody likes salty others sweet. For some people is amazing to be at home on the couch  and watch a movie, for somebody else is not possible to go to sleep before 6am.

How can I manage to speak and be with people who think in a different way?

This is a good lesson to learn in life. I met people who told me: I don’t like them, they are not like me, they think and act in a different way, I cannot be with them. I can apply this to a lot of topics, racism, food, music, hobbies, spirituality… this list could be infinite. I would like to learn how to be with everybody. I like to speak and to deal with different topics. I cannot speak about everything, I cannot speak about something I don’t know, but I like to listen, to learn. I’m extremely curious.
Happened many times that somebody told me: I’m on the right side and if they want to stay with me they have to change. I try to think about the last sentence applied to both sides. How can work like that?

I want to stay only with good people?

This is the nonsense phrase. I’m starting to be scared of people who remove differences in life. Of course they are different compared me, and I need to deal with differences. If I say that I don’t like to be with people who cannot accept differences I’m doing the same. Can I write this in a clear way? I will try.

Every time I’m meeting someone I’m meeting a different person. With a different background, different culture and different beliefs. It is hard to accept without to judge. This is a great lesson that I’m trying to study.

How can I learn that?

I’m trying to be with people who grow up in a different environment. Let them to speak and don’t interrupt when they are explaining something to me. I really don’t like when I cannot finish my thought, I’m trying to wait to tell my opinion until I have time. I would like to have a dialogue with people and not to do or listen a monologue.

One think I did in the last two years is to use It is a good way to meet people, very easy. I can be with them, I can know them and usually I always keep contacts. Social networks are a great way to keep in touch with friends all over the world. Happen that I don’t like a person, I don’t need to like everyone. I can choose if I feel good to spend time with that person or not. This doesn’t mean that I’m better or on a right side. It simply mean that we are different. I need to spend time with them? Not necessarily, but this doesn’t mean that I have to run away from them or delete from my life.

Am I a perfect person?

Absolutely yes! Of course I’m perfect, I’m the best, I can write about anything in my blog and nobody can tell me that I’m wrong. It is great to deal just with myself. I will be the first king in my great kingdom. What else I have to do? Oh ok, open my gate and walk in the real world.

See you soon

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