Prizren, now I understand how it works.

Prizren, now I understand how it works. The neighbors hate each other, it happens everywhere, nations, cities, neighborhoods, apartments.
You can love the whole world but not your neighbor. In every place I go everybody tell me to be careful the next stop because in some ways is the most dangerous in the world, they are poor people and just ready to try to cheat you, everywhere.

Well folks, you have to travel.

At each location you will find people ready to welcome you, to drink a beer together, to share experiences. Of course, I take it easy, I do not live here, I take only the best. True. But I think it is worse to be scared of something that you do not know instead of paying attention and getting to know new environments. Each changing bring something new. I have to adapt to the rhythms of local life, the meal times, the ways of doing. However, we are always talking of people and most of them are interested to live in the best way possible, not focused at making life impossible for the traveler.

The Balkans have always been a land of passage. Over the millennia many people have settled for shorter or longer periods. Everyone left the cultural mark and the result is a fantastic mix of music, languages, habits, food, wine, rakja, beer, costume, coffee, houses, streets, flags … All of this can lead to arguments and the furious fights, balance is very delicate. Everyone is different, but all of them are Balkan.

During the last few days my posts have become increasingly confused and I can not clearly define an area. It is probably impossible to frame an area so varied in context, it simply is: Balkan. You have to immerse yourself, sit down, watch and share.

See you soon

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