Park Timiriazevskij (Тимирязевский Парк) in winter – Moscow

Park Timiriazevskij is close to city center in Moscow. It’s a small forest that you can enjoy all year. My first experience is in winter, amazing! You can do every kind of open air winter sport, from ski to fishing.

Park Timiriazevskij is between two metro lines: line 9 (Timiryazevskaya station) and line 2 (Aeroport). If you can choose is better to take line 9, is closer.

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Park is huge (232 ha) and there are many entrances. You can walk on every path, big or small and enjoy completely nature and silence of this forest.

Forest and trees, my perfect place

I love woods, I love forest, I love trees, so this is perfect place for me. Soon the sun goes out in Moscow (doesn’t happen every day in winter) I love to go there and to walk around. There are many people who do different winter activities. Winter is extremely hard for animals and people put seeds in special places for birds and squirrels. Around the woods in winter you can hear woodpeckers starting to build their nests. It will be ready for spring, just in time for new eggs.

Sport and relax

In this park in winter you can have a perception of everything you can do in winter. You cn ski, cross-country is really popular and you can do it for hours is such a big area. In the forest or on the iced lake. People walk, run, they go by bike and of course kids play with snow. It’s great time for them, and for me also!

You can also see people fishing. It’s traditional to make a hole in the ice and just sit down waiting your fish for dinner. On the lake you can observe many people looking for a perfect position to make hole and discover water.

Yes, I saw a person to swim. Of course just few seconds, but it was -10°C and she went with swimsuit inside the lake in a hole made for that. I admire here. I did it, but with Sauna close to me (my article about banya), not just that, without any place to go after.

Sun and ice

Sun is magic through plants and ice. It creates great drawings and give energy to everyone. Snow melt down, create water and plants use that water. Is a great cycle, great process during all life. When sun is visible every animal start to work, to go out, looking for food and building their place to live. You can see footprints in the snow of different creatures, I cannot recognize, but I can see them. Forest start to shine like a diamond. Billions of diamonds distribute on trees and their light spread all around forest, under the branches.

As you can understand I love this place!
See you soon

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