To Be or not to Be: employee vs freelance

The question is always in my mind, what I have to do: looking for a job or create my job? Do you know me, right? I don’t have answers, but let me speak about that.

Nowadays the job is not like 20 or 30 years ago, that is clear. When I started to work I went out on the street, looking for offices or factories, ask them if they had something. Now nobody has job, nobody give you a place forever. Could be also positive, but we need to understand how it works and choose the best way for ourself.

Why I have to choose to be employee?

I don’t want to tell to everybody the common phrases we listen every day: build yourself, do something for you, don’t work for anybody, build your business, be the boss of yourself.

Those are just bullshit! The most dangerous. Everybody is different. Somebody feel more comfortable to work for a boss, more safe, more productive. I’m not speaking about capacities or skills. You are not better or worse if you work for someone and not for “yourself”. Cannot be everybody CEO! Society needs everyone, who manage, who control, who do, who sell, who buy… But sincerely, everybody works for themselves.

Where are you? What is your best skill? This is the main question to ask to yourself. Somebody is horrible in managing time. If you really cannot do this for yourself you will loose hours and hours of your life. I’m not speaking about money, I’m speaking about life: more important.

If you prefer to have more stability and do work the best as you can without to plan maybe is better for you to looking for a job. Is it easy? Damn, no. Nowadays there are thousands of small businesses, really hard to find a stable job and to keep it all life. Be flexible, is the secret. Be professional, honest and ready to change. Long therm job is a new concept, less than 100 years. I can easily say: doesn’t exist anymore.

Why I have to choose to be freelance?

Are you good in planning, to looking for your customers, to do your job to manage your time, your money, your taxes? To be a freelance is not easy, you need to know more than your job. You need to learn also how to sell what you do and make profit from it. If there is no profit is an hobby, and you need a job. This is my choice, is clear. I don’t suggest to anybody to do it. I don’t want to be the cause of depression of somebody. Be a freelance today is not a way to have money or to build a career.

I want to specify you something: I’m speaking about freelance, not a business person. I’m speaking about people who works alone for somebody else (you will always have a boss, but you will call customer). Thousands of jobs work in that way: journalists, photographers, programmers, designers, trainers and much more. Every person who doesn’t have employers, who basically have no objects to sell except their own knowledges and skills.

What is the best today?

Come on, of course there is no answer 🙂
It depend on you. Do you want a career? Go where you can build a career. How you can do it in a place where there is only one person? Be positive, maybe 3 freelancers can work together… the answer is the same. I don’t mean money, can be really successfully to work like an employee or freelance, it depends on you and your choices. In both cases you must know yourself. Never stop to study, never stop to watch around you and to be ready to change your mind, your beliefs.

My choice is to be free to move. Free to go and to be able to change easily my life. For that aim I lost career, I lost money and I don’t care about richness. Of course I need money, I extremely like good food, wine and to travel. I need money to know, to study, I’m a pathological curious. My body and my mind need to eat every day. When you made a choice is important to write down on a paper and to know the positive and negative aspects. Nothing is only in one direction. The best option is your choice. Maybe tomorrow you will choose in a different way, but tomorrow different conditions can affect your mind. If you completely change direction every day is a problem. You need to restart from the beginning and see which is the process and how to make decisions. Maybe you need someone who can help you to choose. Nobody is perfect alone.

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