It’s not always sunny

This is my first time to sail, to bring a sailing boat from Italy to Croatia, back to Pula. As usual there is a lot to learn. Easy when conditions are simple, but could be really hard or dangerous if sea become heavy and wind strong. Is it a metaphor of life?

Nice sea and good weather

It’s not always sunny

Wind is light, strong enough to sail, when every sail is up it’s easy and relaxing to go. No worries. Of course is not always like that. Could be safe, speed is low. It’s easy to sail, to move, to choose a direction, it’s so boring. Life is not to find a safest way and nothing on my way. Life is to choose, to understand how to survive and face a strong wind.

Wind is blowing against you, and the goal is obviously on the opposite side. This is the hardest thing but when you reach your goal you feel so great, so excited. I did what I wanted to to, what I planned. Plans can change, wind change, sea doesn’t tell you from which direction comes the waves. How big are. But it’s a learning process, I will not die, I will learn and wave after wave I will be a great sailor. How can I learn with low wind?

What to do after a night with a heavy sea?

Every morning there is always a sunrise. Night could be long, cold, windy… but sun will rise again. During my move from Italy to Croatia we sailed in a medium sea, for an expert is no so hard, I felt a bit of seasick. It’s great to face my fears. Never did, now I did and I’m ready for something else for the first time. Awesome, always a first time. For many people is extremely stressful, I cannot live without it.

In the sea you can meet ferries, others boats, platforms, fields for fishes, different lights or islands. Everything in the dark. It’s hard to understand directions. You need to find your way alone and learn from your mistakes. I can fail of course, but I wasn’t alone. I was with friends, experts. They teach me basics and I arrived, not alone. Safe in the arbour. Is it this just a transfer or is a perfect lesson for life?

Do I like to sail?

Yes sure. I just started, I would like to d it again and again. I will not be the best skipper ever, but I would like to enjoy. This is just another door open in my experience, one day I will use, or not. Important is to open every door we will meet in life. Than we can decide if we need, we use it or we will just keep for future. Some door is better to close soon or later. I will also learn that. Not easy for me now to close a door.

See you soon

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