Niš, the birthplace of Constantine

Could be enough to present Niš as a very important center in Balkan area to say this: Niš is a place where the emperor Constantino was born.

I went out Sunday morning from the hostel. One of the best hostel I ever saw (
I did a big mistake, I saw the market.
Markets are like a magnet for me, I feel good, I like the atmosphere. I like to walk, to listen people, to buy fruit and vegetables. For the first time, this year, I eat cherry (trešnje)!

I love fresh fruit.
I walked without a direction between stalls and I felt the smell of fresh food.

Finally I went to the fortress. It is the place where everybody came during centuries to destroy what there was before and build something else. Hammam, therme, barracks, churches, mosques, magazines… Until the beginning of 20th century all the city was inside the fortress, only after the WWI we can really speak about a develop outside the walls and on the other part of the river Nišava.

Niš is the third city of Serbia after Belgrade and Novi Sad. The guides says the is the oldest city in Balkans. The first archaeological findings were dated around 5.000 years ago during the Iron Age.

The city is full of history. Everybody wanted to take the control of this area. The Fortress as we can see today was build for the first time by Turkish in the first decades of the 18th century on the place where there was already fortifications – the ancient Roman, Byzantine, and later yet Mediaeval forts.

Niš is also famous because here in the place where on 7 December 1914, The National Assembly held its session in the Officers Home Building. This assembly is called “Nis Declaration” and announcing the unification of the south Slavs – Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes – into a single state.

Here was created the Former Jugoslavia.

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