New year, new city, new country, same Marco

Is another new year, I’m not twenty anymore. Many springs I lived till now and I will have more in front of me. So how I want to spend my next springs? Yes this is always my main question. I strongly believe that we are building our future, so I need to plan think and act. 

New life in a new coutryJanuary is always a beginning. Light is starting to come back, days are becoming longer. Is still dark in our days, but we know that will be end soon.
I spent almost all the last year thinking about what to do, which direction to take in my life, now I know what I wanna do. I miss only one step, to choose how to do. I left Sarajevo because of pollution and few other thing that I will tell you one day if I feel. It isn’t important now. I started to feel bad in my lungs and inside my body. As I told you in this article I really love Sarajevo. I spent there also my new year eve, I’m in love.

Modern life and technology

My job is strongly related with technology. This is why I can travel around and be able to work. This was one of my goals to reach in the past. I was able to do it. I travelled a lot and I met a lot of people. Someone just crossed my street, someone changed my life. Doesn’t matter, I’m made of every person that I met. I work in IT, but I cannot stay without traditional humans relations. Social networks and every tool we have today are just tools. It’s great to have this opportunity, but we don’t have to stop here. Share and write is only the first step. Real life is in the real world.

It’s hard to go out and face myself with people, but this is how should be.

I’m in Istra now, trying to do one more time something new. I will spend this winter planning the next season. This is what people always did. Every religion, every philosophy celebrate the return of the light. So it’s time to be alone, plan and be able to sprout in a short time.

What I want to do?

I want to work, I want to live, I want to have a goal, I need to build my goal. This in short what I think. I need to do something. I’m a very lazy person, if I don’t have something to reach, some intent, I will spend my days on the couch or lying down open-air. Is not bad at all, but not for all life! Is so important to do nothing, is the perfect time to plan. I strongly believe that do nothing is a great achievement or nowadays in my society.

Do you want to know more about doing nothing? Read here.

Now we are in January, let me tell you this: in March something will change. Give me time to do what I though and come back here to know. I will write anyway, is a good exercise to set my thoughts in my mind.

See you soon


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