My Belgrade under the rain.

Hello folks, I’m in Belgrade.

The weather is not the best, but this does not prevent me from walking in the city. As always I prefer to meet people and ask: “What is your favorite place in town? Bring me there.”

They are always nice surprises. Somebody took me in Zemun. A neighborhood on the outskirts of the city on the Danube. Houses in Austro-Hungarian style, a small town in a big city. I prefer a more human social life, in large urban centers people run and moving. If there is a square, a market, a gathering place, people stop, talk and have a coffee.

It is not easy to explain how I feel, but in the great avenues with majestic buildings I do not feel at ease. I prefer small towns. Even my sense of direction is affected, in Milan I just cannot figure out where I am, as in the center of Belgrade. I realized that my reference points are mostly referred to the land and to nature. If I do not see the horizon or a mountain do not understand where I am. I must have something besides the palaces.

I keep walking …
See you soon!

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