Lugana – Garda lake: what does it mean home?

I would like to speak about home, especially for who wants to travel and to go around the world is so hard to define that question:  what does it mean home? There is one singer in Italy (Lorenzo Cherubini) says: home is when i can live in peace with you. Here you can listen the song. I’m back in Italy for few days. This is the place where I was born, is the place where I grow up, is the place where I learned how to live. Is it my home?

Now I feel home in Sarajevo, why? I don’t know. I don’t know what there is in that city, but now is the only place where I can feel peace and I can relax, I know perfectly how to move in the city and I know a lot of great people.

After my experience abroad I started to ask myself about the meaning of “home” and I realize is nothing about the place, but like always for me is about people. I can say that for me a place to be home needs to have two things: someone to share life and a place where I can feel human. Both of that arguments are so easy and so complicated, so let me explain what I mean.

Someone to share life
For me is very important not to be alone, but also about this topic I have to explain what I mean. Humans are born to live alone? I’m not afraid to be alone, I live alone. But I extremely like to share! Friends are so important, a partner in life is perfect if I can really be myself. I like to share, this mean I must have something to share. I need to have my hobbies, my interests, my passions and my partner also needs to have her own and only after we can share it. I don’t like a copy of myself, I like to speak. What I can speak about if we live 24 hours together or if we have exactly the same life. This is my opinion of course, is not the Truth, anyone is different and want something different, let’s share our opinions in front of a beer 🙂

Friends, what else. There are few people can say they don’t need friends, but why? Why someone wants to be alone. I like to meet, to know, to chat, to walk. If I do that alone is amazing, but if I can share with friends is an emotional experience. One is one but every time I can share with someone my pleasure exponential increases. So I like to go out speak and heave a beer, simple, isn’t it?

A place where I can feel human

I’m sure of that, I’m not a business man, I’m not running for career, I’m not running for salary and I’m not rich 🙂
I’m looking for a place where I don’t need a car to live, where I can speak with people, where I’m not afraid to walk in the streets, where I can meet randomly friends on the street and go for a coffee and not always to listen: sorry I’m busy I need to go, next time. Next time is another time, future is not now, past is not now, only now needs to be lived. If I loose my present I cannot have my future, future will be always future.
Sarajevo is the place where I feel home now, is not perfect city, is not clean like north Europe, is not easy to find a job, is not easy bureaucracy, but I really like to be there.

I’m from Italy, a great place. Many people all around the world have one dream: go to Italy. I was born there and I want to go out. Am I crazy? I’m sure I was born in a good place, one of the best in the world, but I’m curious and I wanna go, I cannot live and die in one place. I just started to travel and is my perfect lifestyle, not easy. Sometime I feel tired and I come back home. I don’t feel home anymore, what I can do? Better to go to know and maybe one day to come back.
When I come back Italy I have friends of course, is so hard to go for dinner or coffee with everybody but I like and I’m trying to don’t say no.

I finish my random craziness also this time
See you

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