Bosnia and Herzegovina

Kravice, the wonder of water and trees

Kravice is close to Medjugorje, just 30 minutes of driving far from Mostar. All the region of Herzegovina is amazing. In Kravice you can really feel the power of nature, water, trees, wind, sun… all together works to make this wonder to become real. There is no signs to go there,  just click the link to open google map: click here for the map.

I like this place. I like the power of the waterfalls. I like the wind made from the water. I like the sound of pure strength.

Kravice is a place close to Medjugorie, in the same region of Mostar: Herzegovina. There are no signs to go there, so… you have to know. This is Bosnia, you have to know things and try to survive by yourself, but when you made it you can have this spectacular gift!

I tried to swim also today in this water, but after so much rain is almost impossible, water is so cold! There are people that were able to do it, but I’m so sensitive folks, I cannot 🙂

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