Kosovo, the country of nature

Welcome to Kosovo

I arrived in this country after the Macedonian border. Big mountains, alpine landscapes and canyons with rivers that are now at maximum of capacity.

Now I am in Prizren, a city on the border with Albania. Yesterday, as expected, seafood dinner with my friend Daniel. I met him in Sarajevo a few months ago. I certainly could not let me miss the wine, beer and local rakja. Just to get a feeling for the traditions. Let me be clear with you, I do this with extreme fatigue, but it is work and it must be done.

I spend two days in these mountains, and I will try as always to meet people, share thoughts. I have many questions to ask the Kosovars. Now alert people before inontrarle, beware that I talk a lot and the only stop at the table! Sometimes 🙂

See you soon

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