I think, I plan, I work, I fail, I restart. Every day till something works.

This is exactly what I’m doing now. To be in a very quiet place is an opportunity to don’t loose. I’m raking time off to plan, I need time. Time is a great richness, I have, I’m using. 

To think

To think means to take time, to be alone, to see more far than tomorrow. Sometime I need to find my time, sometimes I have time to use. What I have to learn is to don’t waste what I have.  It’s good also to go out just to read a book, to see what happen around me. I’m sure there is something I can see, something people need and doesn’t exist yet. I don’t want to change the world, is not my aim. I just wanna find a little corner, the smallest spot where nobody went inside and see what I can do there.

To plan

To be in a place where there is almost no social life, or I don’d know where is, is a good opportunity. It takes time to realize that, now I’m planning. Could be too late, could be. Maybe not. I’m thinking something to do as a freelance worker. I know what I would like to do, I have clear in my mind my wishes:

  • I don’t want a full time job;
  • My activity doesn’t need to be related to one area;
  • I want to be free to move, not just to travel, but to live in different places;
  • I need to use all my knowledge I had till now;
  • I want to improve my knowledge especially on humanities sciences;

To work

Of course is not enough to plan and think, is bullshit. There are people who spend time, days, years just to think what to do. If you don’t do after is just wasting time. Is impossible to be fully sure, at one point we need to act. We need to put in practice what we planned. It will be not perfect, there are margins to modify, you can also change your way. I can always change my mind. Is very important at one point just to start with the first step. To keep eyes open and to be able to see reality not only a dreamland.

To fail

Yes, is part of the game. I failed a lot. I can say, almost always. How can I success if I don’t fail. I need to try and try and try. I had great dreams destroyed for different reasons. So, I’m still dreaming. Doesn’t matter if it will be easy to find a job in an office and to got o work everyday and to have a safe income. I’m still figure out how to survive, until I can do that I will find a way. What keeps me alive is to have a goal, something to reach. If is not someone else who gives me goals I need to do by myself. So I can fail, I must fail. How can I learn.

To restart

After 100 fails there are 101 restarts. It’s hard, you go deep, deeper. See everything dark but there is always a way out. There is a book I did (Rise Again), it is exactly that topic. People can fail, can have a really strong accident or just destiny it was not kind. But they collect all the forces they had and they rose again, the best, they won! When I saw those people my thought was: who I am to don’t try. Look what happened to them, nothing happened to me. So come on Marco don’t be so weak and lazy. Stand up and walk!

at least I’m trying something

See you

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