Happiness and relax, what does it mean for me?

Happiness and relaxed life is something many people are looking for. I’m also researching about it and life bring me different experiences. I’m traveling around and see what new I can learn.

Thermal bath are extremely popular in Budapest. Is not the best in Hungary. The one that I saw is really touristic and not so clean. Bagni Gellért are the most beautiful as architecture. For me is something new. I never tried a lot of sauna or thermal bath in my life and I’m doing that now with a special person. From this point I’m thinking about happiness and life: what does it mean? What is happiness and what does it means to be relaxed in life.

To relax is a really hard job.

It looks like an oxymoron to put together relax and hard work, but is exactly that. We are not used to relax, usually we don’t know how to feel good and spend our free time in the best way.
To relax doesn’t mean to do nothing. To relax mean to work on ourself and feel everything our body is telling to us. I’m learning that. Someone is teaching me that, I’m so glad for it. There are many things that I need to learn:

  • relax my mind
  • stop to overthink
  • remove anxiety
  • enjoy the moment

All those points are hard to do for me. Last years of my life were quite emotionally difficult and to be able to relax and enjoy the moment is not so easy. But I think is the only way to live. I think is the only way to be able to plan my future and build the life that I would like. We are made from our past, but I think we cannot live in our past. Is a tool for us, I have to learn my lesson and enjoy the future and the present with more knowledge. My past experiences cannot stop me to know more, to change my mind if needed and to be excited about everything new will happen.

Think about yourself and be happy alone.

Every day, in every website, in every book I can read: be happy alone, you don’t need anybody, you can live by yourself. I partially agree about that. The first step is of course to be balanced and accept ourself. Everyone has different troubles and everyone has to work on personal things. This is never ending job and it takes all life.
I strongly believe that humans are not made to be alone, we are made to share. To walk together it is better than alone, we will be stronger and we can go farther. I think that in life I need friends, social life, family and partner. Some part of life can be lived alone, it’s ok, it’s normal. It could be needed to put in order different things. I extremely like to share my life with people, I love to have someone to enjoy special moments. My keyword is “to share“, but what I can share if I have nothing? What I can speak in the evening if nothing happened in my life. How can I be happy if I just lay down on my couch and watch TV?

I believe that to have people close to us is really important. I think that is needed to share our feelings and this is a wonderful way to grow up and learn every day something more.

Build something, make a plan.

To have a goal to reach is a good start to live experiences. Have something to do, have something to plan is healthy for my mind. Plan could be related to business life, to personal experiences, to learn something new or to achieve some sport goal. I think that different jobs can be done alone. But is so important to share ideas with others. Often we cannot see where we are going and an external point of view can help us to do correct choices and change direction if needed.

So happiness for me is to have goals,  to work on them, to reach them, to share them and to be able to change my mind if something doesn’t work. This create a good feeling in my body and my mind. And a goal could be to be happy! So plan and work on it.

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