Dovidjenja Beograd, Dobrodosli Niš.

It ‘s my last day in Belgrade and as always the best meetings are held just before to leave. Thanks to all the people I met. The city is different when you are chatting like old friends with someone just met.

The weather is great, warm and sunny. At least I can live the city’s parks. You can enjoy the outdoor bar and tables in the sun of May.

Belgrade it will remain in my mind with long walks, parks, the Danube, a bit ‘of rain. After a week I also learned how to park, even if I had to pay the police a lesson. Nothing too bad, you learn quickly with fines Emoticon smile

I take a break in a cafe in the center (Knez Mihailova Street), I’m waiting for friends. A good opportunity to taste the dark Nikšićko beer and write a bit of notes.

Today is the day of travel, I will move to Niš, one of the oldest cities in the Balkans, in the middle of the route between the east and west.

See you soon!

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