Roots and clouds

Roots interlacement
I'm always thinking about something. Many people say that I only think, but I'm sure things need time to develop.

Balkans, the peninsula between Adriatic, Black and Aegean Sea


It is from few days that I’m thinking to write a post summarizing the Balkans. Write something that gives the general idea of the peninsula that occupies the south-east Europe. The region is made up of a myriad of ethnic groups, a mix of music, art, language, food, wine, smells …

Every road traveled has left a lasting impression: the dolphins in Croatia, the coffee in Zagreb, the great parks of Belgrade, the history of Sofia, the wines of Plovdiv, the Danube, the pristine beaches of the Black Sea, the architecture of Skopje , food in Prizren. All accompanied by all the people I met along the way.

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