Buzludzha and Stara Zagora: the abandoned Communist monuments

Buzludzha and Stara Zagora two examples of the architecture and art of the communist period.

The whole Balkan Peninsula and the countries of the former USSR are full of sculptures, monuments, buildings with this type of architecture. Powerful, strong, concrete and metal. Not perennial. These structures are almost everywhere in a state of neglect and current governments are trying to eliminate the old symbols.

It is understandable the elimination of the recent past, but these buildings are really nice. Buzludzha specifically is almost new. It was built in 1981 to commemorate the events of 1891 when on this mountain there was the first meeting of the Bulgarian Communist Party. It has been abandoned since the fall of the Berlin walls and dissolving the former Soviet Union.

The Soviet art is mostly abstract, few human figures present. It is mainly about symbolism, many visible structures in the countries of former Yugoslavia are used primarily to demonstrate its majesty. Through the use of geometric shapes, large, strategic places visible from a distance, you have the feeling of something eternal and immutable. This is absolutely not true, these concrete structures are breaking down after just 20 or 30 years of neglect. The metal parts are detached, cement falling apart and vandals complete the work.

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