Brescia, few days to understand always a bit more

Brescia is my city, where I was born.
I don’t live there anymore from 2014. Of course I changed a lot. Everybody change. Every trip, every person I meet, every experience, every coffee changes me. This is normal, we are not an impenetrable armor, nobody. Life is a path and we must walk on it, every little change, every breath of wind can affect us. Maybe just a bit, but step by step I can be a completely different person.

I’m so excited about my future. I know in which direction I’m walking? No. definitively not. I’m walking, I’m choosing my directions, little changing every day. Left, right or straight. In my mind to come back is not an option. I already wrote about that here.

When I plan my next steps, ops sorry is not that I really plan. Is more emotional, yes. Some of you can don’t agree with me. Good, everybody is different. I can think a bit, plan a bit. I’m used to choose my general way, almost only the direction. Than I like to be open and move on the path while I see the path. For some of you this is very stressful, but this is just the way I am. I’m sure there is a better solution. I’m sure I have to learn a lot, I will, I promise you.

When I travel I act in the same way. I choose main things and I really love to be open to everything can cross my way. I don’t like to have everything planned. Something not so good can happens, but I will not die. I’m not looking for dangerous things, I just would like to live experiences not choosen by me.

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