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Boračko Jezero, the art of doing nothing. Are you able?

Boračko Jezero is a lake close to the city of Konijc. During the hot days of summer is a perfect place to have a refreshment, make a bbq, swim in the fresh water or just do nothing and laying down on the grass. All the area is protected and you need to pay to go inside. Fee is 5 BAM to enter with the car and is free all the lake except where there is the campground (5 BAM for the car). The lake is surrounded by very hight mountains and the landscape is amazing! You can easly arrive by car from Konijc following sings in 30 minutes.
What I did all day? Swimming, eating, drinking, reading a book… all these are activities that it takes a lot of time, guys is so hard to do nothing and relax. Do you think it is easy?

Let me speak about nothing.
Every time when I have free time I need to think about of what I have to do, am I able to spend 2 hours to do nothing? I mean: nothing, not even to read a book.
I’m not able, this is the answer.
For me if I do nothing is like to losing time. I mean, watching the sky is not doing nothing, you are dreaming, thinking, travelling with your mind. Do something is not only to work. I don’t believe there is someone who is able to do nothing, maybe those who can meditate for hours. Maybe those who are able to free their mind from everything. I’m not able to empty my mind completely, maybe I don’t want, maybe I don’t know how to do it.

When I travel I want to know, when I’m relaxed I’m planning, when I planned I want to do. This is how I am and how I like to live. I need to have some goal, something I need to reach, some dream. Come on, there is someone without wishes or dreams? I met some people in my life-trip who told me: I wish nothing, I wish to do and to have nothing. So, you wish nothing and then you wish to don’t wish… very confused.

I know there is no answer in this, it’s just philosophy and everybody have their own answer if any answer exist. Till now I like just to relax on the riverside of Boračko Jezero and do nothing. Especially I like to write very confused post on my blog.

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