Black Sea, now it’s time to turn back.

Here I am!!!
Welcome to the Black Sea, the eastern edge of the Balkan peninsula.

Now what? Of course I will turn and continue for another goal. The end does not exist, after every end there is something more. Tomorrow there will be another goal. I’m beginning the return to home, this is the farthest points of my Balkan tour.

Getting this far takes me a lot of coffes, beers, wines, chats … so many people you know. I have a list of great new friends!

This is a trip a bit strange, I can not say I’m on vacation.I work in the morning and every day have their own routine. I’m not abroad, I do not feel a foreigner, I do not feel away from home.

I’m trying what it really means to be digital nomad. I stop, I have my computer, looking for an internet connection and work. It is not easy, you can not expect to get rich, it is a daily work and not always to constructing something. But it allows me to travel and be flexible to 100%. Now I want this.

All the people I met in my path have given me something, from 20 to 70 years. I talked a lot, do you doubted? I spent hours chatting about life. People just met with whom I have established a relationship as old friends. The trip brings openness, desire to learn and to know. Everywhere you go you will never go back ever the same road, or at least not like before.

see you soon!

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