Beware exit! Going out of comfort zone.

Beware exit! What does it means to go out. It is really dangerous to go out from our room, our house, our country, our culture? What we can find outside? To go out means to leave but not to lose what we had before. 

It is really dangerous to go out? Let me speak about it. Go out to reach what? It is better don’t to open the door? It is better to stay inside our room, our country, our mind. Everything else is dangerous. Signs warn us: outside is dangerous, do not go!

What happens if we open the door.

I saw online a phrase: if you jump maybe you can fail, but what happens if you fly? Haw I can know if I fail or I fly. Only to continue to fail I can learn how to fly. Try, try and try again. Fail and fail again. Important is to learn to study and never stop yourself.

If we keep close the door we will be safe, inside our world, our mind. Everything else is outside and what we think is safe and correct. How can we know that is correct if we don’t share with others. It exist an exam where I can be student and teacher?  When I saw this sign of course I didn’t open the door, I’m just a bit stupid, not so much. But this make me think. How many times people told us: don’t do it. Just because they never did or they are scared to do.

In my experience people put limits just because of fears. We need to break our walls, we need to face our fears.

Rules and prohibitions

Everywhere we can see what we don’t have to do. Everywhere we read don’t do this or that. It’s really hard to read do this way, why? For me because there isn’t a correct way to do things. Everyone is different, what is good for me is n0t for you. This is what I learned till now. But is my experience. I went out of my comfort zone, I’m still out. What if my comfort zone is to be out of my comfort zone. This is really hard to explain and to accept.

I feel good when I travel, I feel good when I change place where to live. If my comfort zone is to travel and change cultures, this means that I need to have everyday life and normal office job to be outside of my comfort zone?

It is correct to change if I’m afraid of it?

Answer is no for me. If I’m too scared is not correct, if I’m anxious to change and this make me really uncomfortable, why I have to put myself in some unpleasant situation. When I say to go out of comfort zone I mean in case when we really desire something but we are not so brave to do it. This is comfort zone for me. Somebody doesn’t like to travel. Somebody prefer everyday routine, going to supermarket every day at the same time. Eat the same cookies every morning and the same brand of beer in the evening. If you like it, do it! If you complain because you are doing the life you don’t like, Stretch your finger and press the button. Change it. comfort zone for me is a place easy to stay but where I don’t feel comfortable.

What if I fail?

What if you fly! I told you before. To fail is more easy than to fly. It’s not easy, how many times birds fall down before to fly? The real question is: do you feel good to be in your nest, close your eyes and wait someone bring you food? If the answer is yes ok, continue your life. Is the best for you. If the answer is: I don’t know or not, I think you should at least try to jump. You can hurt yourself, is almost sure that you will feel pain. To jump from the tree without to know how to fly is not a good idea. Fall after fall you will fly if you want to do it. Beware, there are cats on te floor. Be smart, watch out!

I have a clear though in my mind, I want to go and I want to try to jump out of my nest. If I cannot fly I will learn how to run or how to jump above my obstacles. Maybe I’m not a bird but I’m a kangaroo. I’m still failing, but I like to try. I’m learning and I have no regrets. I’m nostalgic of something of course. I miss Sarajevo a lot, every day I think about it but I know why I left. It was a great experience in my life, and I miss a lot my friends there. But it’s over. I hope one day to be back, it’s my wish. My friends will remain my friends everywhere I will go. Friendship is strong.

See you soon

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